Cold Caller List - April 2013

Cold Caller List - April 2013

Dear All,

A new updated cold caller list for April 2013 is here.

This month has been extremely busy as well, and some companies have generated over 50 inquiries each.

All together we received inquiries this month about 152 different Companies and from these 152 there are 42 Names to be added to the list.

Some companies are “brand” new, other not so new but we only just received the complaints this month.

For a complete and updated list on all cold calling companies you can have a look on the PDF file attached:


The 42 new names added to the list in April 2013 are:

Absolute Brokers                   
Access Realty
AME Financial Solutions SL
Andalucia Properties
Buying in Paradise                 
C B & R Consultants              
Cohen Abogados
DMT Management Services - Dispose My Timeshare
Expedient Claims Management
Express Claims Europe SL  
Financial Accountancy Services
Free Wall Solutions SL          
H & A Mediation                       
Hemmings & Clark Solicitors
Holidays For Everyone           
Javali Torres Soluciones Legales
Legal & Accounting Services
Marketing Three
Portal do Financas                  
Purple Tower Solutions          
Resort Direct Europe
Resort Direct UK
Secure Leisure
SG Security Services
Synergy Marketing                   
Tenerife Discount Deals
Tenerife Solutions
Tenerife Solutions Federation
The Hacienda
The Suisse International Group
Timeshare Mediation Services
Travel Connect Services       
Valerano Sanz Law                
Whites Property Sales           

There are 2 companies which we added to our blog this month who are actually not cold calling but do have a “worrying” website which consumers may visit and submit their details on. These companies are Thomson & Law (WEB) and Timeshare Legal Information (WEB)

Yet again this month a couple of companies found it necessary to change their name and started cold calling under a different name and others just changed the spelling of the name in order to avoid consumers finding them on a Google Search.

We’ll try to keep on top of this and as long as you keep on emailing us with all the information, we will do the research and publish our findings.

Many thanks for your cooperation

Kind regard

Customer Care








Published Date: Friday, April 26, 2013 3:12 PM