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  • There's no substitute for printing the truth ! It's only when these scam outfits find out when their dirty tricks are exposed in the way Mindtimeshare does so brilliantly, that outfits such as this one feel they can go running to the law to help them shake off the glare of "bad publicity". Thank good ness the judge saw through their ruse and well done to Alberto and his team for "fighting their corner"! Keep up the good work!
    Blue Sox,
  • Hello Alberto,
    I hope this mail finds you well.
    We exchanged some mails a few months ago when I was seeking advise on how to fight back a Playa Grande timeshare we purchased in Mexico back in 2011. You gave me some good pointers as to what to do, what to beware of etc., you suggested I contact the  local trading standards office.  
    I am so pleased to tell you that I have a positive result, having explored many avenues here in the UK including the Law Society,  independent legal advice, the resort themselves etc., all to no avail.  I then contacted my bank where the payments for the purchase was taken. Needless to say, it was not straightforward, but my tenacity paid off.  The edited highlight is that I did a lot of research and pursued the Consumer Credit Act section 75 (applicable in the UK), where I claimed that the purchase was made under mis-representation, and promises made at the time of purchase was not fulfilled, worse still, it was all in the small print to protect the vendor. I prepared a bundle of supportive documents (agreements, email trails, diary of phone calls) to support my case, and I have now the refund of 90% of the money paid refunded to me. The other 10% is pending on "recharging", I don't know what that means, and I will wait for that process to be finalised.
    This mail is really to say thank you for your guidance on where to start, and also to let other victims know that this is something worth pursuing. Yes, it is time consuming, and stressful, but after 6 months of sheer bloody mindedness, I have a result in my favour. I hope this will encourage other people to fight against those unscrupulous vendors. 
    Most of all, thanks to you and Mindtimeshare for being there.
    With best regards,
    T L,
  • Hi I just wanted to say that thanks to Alberto's help I managed to get all of the money back that Holiday Rentals Direct and Travel Connect conned from my mother and father in law. Nationwide processed the complaint quickly. It took me a long time to get the paperwork together (80 pieces of documentation in the end) but it was worth it to receive over £8k and the peace of mind that my in laws had not lost their money. I could not have done this without Alberto's guidance and support, for which I am very grateful. I didn't think I would be successful with the claim so please if you are thinking of not bothering don't, it is worth it and the more we complain about con artist companies like these hopefully the more people will be aware and more will be done. Thanks Alberto!
  • We signed up for this Club Class membership in July this year. We came home to find this website and acted accordingly, fortunately we paid via Credit Card and were able to make a refund claim. At first the bank said no. But following Alberto's advice we did not stop, we contacted the European Consumer Centre, who were also very helpful. We did not get round to contacting the Financial Ombudsman. And all in all, I found that the bank had refunded me the deposit I paid to Imagen Singerica. It's all thanks to the team at Mindtimeshare and Alberto - their services are invaluable. Do not feel embarrassed, do not feel taken for a ride. Fight back, with the help of Mindtimeshare and you will see success eventually, like I did - it does take a bit of time. I can only empathise with you. Believe - it's possible and NEVER give up. Good luck. If I can assist you at all please reply below.
  • Message for Senor Alberto Garcia re HLS610
    Buenas Dias!  I promised to let you know how things were with my dispute with HLS.  I am glad to say that I now have all the money that I paid as a deposit to HLS.
    As you may recall I sent a recorded delivery letter to HLS demanding that they return my deposit. This letter was returned to me unopened on 21 August.
    My Credit card Company (the Halifax) gave the merchant bank in Spain 45 days to review the matter and provide information to substantiate the charge. No contact was made so the full deposit has now been returned to me by the Halifax.
    This is a very satisfactory result for me but this would not have been the case if it had not been for your excellent advice. I have learned my lesson about not giving my card details a cold-caller!!
    Thank you very much for your care and attention and the fact that your company exists to help people cheated by these rogue organisations.
    S T,
  • Hello Alberto,
        Is there anyway I can be of use to you & state firmlyhow happy & satisfied I am with your service?  Plus I want all those that doubt to know how hard you worked for me & how you helped me out !! I would like the world to know how dedicated you are & so I want to be able to say it. Without your help I would still be in a right mess!!    Regards   Jenny